Life & Death

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Chinese said, a person must experience born, old, sick & die(生?病死).
This ‘formula’ actually applies to most people, but I must say, not everyone can apply on this rule.

You see, I do agree the first, born 生. If not your mother gave birth of you, you wont be living in this dynamic world. I talk crap, yea. Born is the start of a long journey of life, you start from zero to hero.
Uppon growing up, we learnt knowledge and know how to think, do things that benefits people.

The second, old ?. Somehow I disagree with this term. Not everyone can live untill ‘qualified’ as old/senior citizens. Maybe their life didnt make it that far, they couldnt survive untill oldership.
I talk crap again, sorry.

The third, sick 病. I’m neutral in this. I believe everyone in this world would get sick in your life time. Even if you’re a person who really take good care of your health, or take care of hygiene, I bet you still will get sick, not now but maybe in past, or in the future.
But, sickness doesnt always lead to the next stage, death. I roughly guess, 90% of the sickness we had in our entire life wont danger our life. So…. doesnt really shows that sickness are fatal.

The last stage, death 死. I strongly agree with this, as I agree the first term born. Chinese said, 有始有终, there’s a start, and there’s an end.
Whoever living in this world, he/she wont be able to escape from the death. Maybe, he/she could have the chance to expand their lifespand, who knows? But anyhow THEY will come for you when the time has come.
Death is actually a normal part of our life, I quote from someone I read before,

Death is another great adventure.

Different beliefs and religions might gave different answer for how the deceased will go on after that, refer to your master/tutor/guru for more info as I’m poor in such information.

This is just another piece of my mind….



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Cry, is an expression to relief our sadness, dissapointment, or anger.

Personally, I hate to cry. Why? The reason can be funny. When I cry I tend to get a serious head-ache.

I used to be a cry-baby when I was in primary school. Almost everyday, I cry just to fight or argue with my sis. Childish, but that’s what I am at that age.

When I become more mature, I rarely cry. Even though I’ve attended two relative’s funeral, but I didnt cry. Maybe, is because I’m not so close with them.

The last time I cry, was the end of last year. I was attending a motivation-type course. One of the climax of the course is to make you realise the importance of parents. I cried, the motivator’s words are really heart-breaking. I try to stop but I just cant, my mind couldnt control my action.

Yeah… I tried to stop crying immediately, perhaps to act cool huh? But after crying, there’s marks on your face shows you’ve been crying. Red-eye, choking voice, running-nose….

Few days ago, I went to my relative’s house to visit my paternal aunt, who’re suffering from 3rd stage cancer. I’ve visited her few times when she was in hospital, she’s still ok at that time.

She’s very very weak and ill, hardly can speaks. Everyone was heart-broken when saw her in this situation. Having difficulty in breathing, hardly can move by herself.

Because there’s many other relatives(adults) around, so I make my move and read the book I bring along.

My sisters in China are very worried about her. My mother ask me not to tell them too much, dont want to disturb their studies. I still message them to report the latest situation. Both my siss are very close to my aunt.

After finishing my books, I pay visit to her room again. She’s pale, and softly ask me go home and rest. I went out from the room, and sit at the living room. I started to think how unfair to let her suffer like this, then started to cry.

She was the one whom helped my father and my uncle after my grandmother passed away when my father was just 7. My aunt was a very hardworking women.
She cares for anyone, and she’s generous.

As what I mentioned above, one of the funeral I attended recent years was my aunt’s husband’s funeral. Because I’m much closer to my aunt, so I have no feeling about the death of my uncle.

But now…. watching aunt suffer like this is really heart-breaking. It’s so sad, my sis are unlikely to attend her funeral…… but the clock’s ticking and the countdown almost hits zero…..

Pray hard, pray for her to get well, pray for her to stop suffering, pray for eternal peace….

Early Biology Practise

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Recently, I’ve been started to learn some Biology knowledge through unusual websites. It’s very gross, and I must say many pictures I’ve viewed are extremely graphic images. Bloody and gore, that’s what can I say to describe it.

Seriously, I do felt uncomfortable at the beginning, but once I’m get use to it, it doesnt bother me anymore. Other than the chance to look into human’s inner organs, I’ve autospy lessons from some of the videos too.

Well of course, I do feel sorry and pity for the deaths, but no matter how I felt sorry, they’re dead, no one can save them anymore. In universities, Biology students are also use corpse for demonstrate & experimental purpose, so no big deal about it.

Images over there can be very gross, but some pictures are quite interesting and funny(black humour).

Well, the link for the website? I’ll post it below. Maybe you knew this site before I do, but I still want to share it for those who’re fresh to this kind of stuff.


Running business in China isnt as easy as what they think…

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Today I had dinner with father’s friend, whom just came back M’sia for a break during China’s national holiday. As usual, he shares his stories in China with us on the table. I dare you, those stories can make people pops out ‘WTF?!?!’ by listening the stories.

For those businessman-wannabe, China can be a land of wealth, and it can also be a lair of liars. They’ll do whatever-out-of-mind tricks, just to cheat your money!!
You see, because China is growing rapidly, their economy is flying sky-high years after years, so money has become a very very important thing which cost alot more than human lifes!!

Nowdays in China, you must stick to a rule: NO MONEY, NO TALK!!
You see, in Malaysia and other countries worldwide, who’ll need to pay just for entering temple and lit a joshstick? In China… you’ll have to pay for entering temples, just like entrance ticket concept. Not all “monks” are monks, they can be pretender or a “job” just to take money from others and then put it in own pocket.

Cheaters are everywhere, even you try to avoid them, they’ll come and get you by themselves. Some liars uses the name of religion(especially religious reign) to cheat money from people. If you compare those liars to local restaurant ‘monk-beggers’, our local liars is just nothing compare to China’s ‘professional’ cheaters.

Even 10 years of friendship cant gurantee you’re safe to do business with someone. There’s cases I’ve heard that they’re cheated by those China folks eventhough they knew each others for many years…. hard to imagine!! There’s reason why I dont really like China as what my sisters did, and the facts above are one of them.

China is growing rapidly on the positive side, at the same time negative side is growing too, making China is more complex and complicated. You cant easily believe anyone who’re boastful with their proposals and presentations. Chinamen can be very good in business, but they’re also very good in getting easy-money thru the holes of law. Althougth China has lots of strict laws, but still it’s not enough to fight it’s corruption & other negative facts. A judge has judged someone pay a certain ammount for another person, but that guy can just ignore the judgement and not paying back the ammount of money. Hey!! What’s the use of law and justice here? 1000% CRAP!!

There’s still lots of stories bout how “good” Chinamen is, but then I must disclaim that I’m not anti-Chinamen, I jsut telling the truth as what I heard from my father’s friend. You see, myself has the blood of Chinamen too, so if I’m talking bad bout them, I as well is talking bad about myself and my family too. But things are different in different region even you’re the same race.

I must say Chinese outside China main land is way better and smarter than those Chinamen, really… There’s too many people in China main land, some of them are extremely good & kind, but some of them are just junks who leech the society to get money they dont deserve to have!!

My Responsibility as a …

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As a student, I’m responsible for learning knowledge thought in school, learn something I dont know, learn how to use my brain wisely, communicate and interact with other people, such as schoolmates and teachers.

As a class monitor, I’m responsible to help teacher mantain the class. I’m supporting the teachers, as well as coorperate with another class monitor to supervise my classmates. When there’s any problem, I’ll need to show up and solve the problem.

As a Students Union member, I’m responsible to serve the school when they need my services. I am also representing my school, bringing my school’s honour and fame to another higher level.

As a School Magazine Committe member, I’m responsible to design graphic materials for the year’s school magazine. I try my best to coorperate with my teammates to produce the best graphic as what the teacher requested. We are doing this not for us or the teacher, but for the entire school.

As the editor of the school’s bulletine, I’m in charge of articles and designs to be published in the bulletine. I am doing the editing jobs and personally I dont really enjoy it although it has something to do with my father.

As one of the most frequent online freak in the school, I’m responsible to interact with some schoolmates whom I dont talk to in school through chatting, or forums. This is an advantage for me, I’m notable because of this.

As one of the most smartest guy in the school, I am looking for someone whom I can share my experience and knowledge about Life, Universe & Earth. Sadly, there is only one person really can talk about it.

As a blogger, I have the right to write whatever I want on the net, but I wont be writing something too-sensitive or defaming someone. I stay out of trouble which is currently bugging in Blogsphere, especially regarding cross-nation flamming topics between Malaysia and Singapore….

As a being on the Earth, I’m responsible to support the World to become a better place. A better World for everyone, a World that no one will suffer from war, environment effects, and poverty. Unite all humanbeings to create another historical & meaningful epic in the human’s history, before one day our place taken over by unknown creatures that will rule this world thousands of millenium later.

My first post for this blog.

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First of all, I’ll like to thanks LiewCF for helping me get my first WordPress blog!! 😀 Many thanks!!

I’ve been into blogging business since the end of last year(2004), and I’m gonna hit 1st year of blogging aniverssary in November.
My current blog link is Rhapsody of CLF, which I’m blogging about my life.
It’s kinda messy though because I put lots of junks on the site bar. (^_^”) I will clear it once I’m free because editing the templates take time.

I will be posting different topics in this blog, mainly it’ll be more serious than the previous blog, which I blogged about my life.

I hope I can do better in this blog than the previous one, well that’s all for now. 🙂

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