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Sorry, after coming back from Taiwan, I’ve neglected this blog. You can read certain updates in my blog Rhapsody of CLF(scroll downwards).

Today school term restarts, I’m doing my final year in my secondary school(high school). This might be the last year I’ll be in this school(perhaps I’ll still continue study in this school for a short term next year?).

This year end(Nov) I’m having a final exam, the ultimate test for Malaysia’s secondary student, the SPM paper, equivalant to O level standard. I’m trying to revise everything from now on, probably self-study or having extra tuition.

Sigh, I had to decrease my online time right now…. I’ll be continue blogging in this blog when I’ve the time and the right topic to talk about.


Friendster Blog

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Recently I’ve been blogging on Friendster. Their blogging service had improved alot since I try it in May.

Symphonia of CLF

I’ve tried to make the blog title related to all the blogs I owned, so I go for the word “Symphony”.

That blog is dedicated to my friends, which is the main topic I’ll blog over there.

P/S: For some reason, I felt more comfortable blogging at Friendster during late nights, most of the blog post I’ve posted are written after 2am in the morning!!

Something weird with my Google

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Take a look at this.

My Google.com.my homepage shows a weird picture instead of the Google logo.

I dunno what problem is this, but after restarting my Firefox it’s still like this. :S
Btw Google.com works just fine.

My sisters’ blog

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CLY – “Great Expectations”
CLH – “A Bush of Daphne”

I just discovered them today when I check their MSN profiles. Haha, their language is better than me.

But the point I check their blog is to read their post regarding my aunt.
Their post are more details than mine.

CLH blogged.
CLY blogged.

This was a flower taken from my aunt’s house by my sis.

Now the flowers are no longer exist and the garden doesnt look as nice is it use to be when aunt is still around…

Blogging from School

October 1, 2005 at 7:49 am | Posted in Computer & Internet, School & Friends | Leave a comment

It’ silly that we still need to come to school eventhough today is Saturday.
About 2/3 classmates present today, the others, probably stil sleeping like a pig.

The computer lab’s Internet consider OK, high-speed(512k) Internet available, but we cant play the net frequently. Most of the time we’re typing HTML codes WITHOUT Internet, silly isnt it? :\

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