Life & Death

November 14, 2005 at 2:00 am | Posted in Ideas & Thoughts | 10 Comments

Chinese said, a person must experience born, old, sick & die(生?病死).
This ‘formula’ actually applies to most people, but I must say, not everyone can apply on this rule.

You see, I do agree the first, born 生. If not your mother gave birth of you, you wont be living in this dynamic world. I talk crap, yea. Born is the start of a long journey of life, you start from zero to hero.
Uppon growing up, we learnt knowledge and know how to think, do things that benefits people.

The second, old ?. Somehow I disagree with this term. Not everyone can live untill ‘qualified’ as old/senior citizens. Maybe their life didnt make it that far, they couldnt survive untill oldership.
I talk crap again, sorry.

The third, sick 病. I’m neutral in this. I believe everyone in this world would get sick in your life time. Even if you’re a person who really take good care of your health, or take care of hygiene, I bet you still will get sick, not now but maybe in past, or in the future.
But, sickness doesnt always lead to the next stage, death. I roughly guess, 90% of the sickness we had in our entire life wont danger our life. So…. doesnt really shows that sickness are fatal.

The last stage, death 死. I strongly agree with this, as I agree the first term born. Chinese said, 有始有终, there’s a start, and there’s an end.
Whoever living in this world, he/she wont be able to escape from the death. Maybe, he/she could have the chance to expand their lifespand, who knows? But anyhow THEY will come for you when the time has come.
Death is actually a normal part of our life, I quote from someone I read before,

Death is another great adventure.

Different beliefs and religions might gave different answer for how the deceased will go on after that, refer to your master/tutor/guru for more info as I’m poor in such information.

This is just another piece of my mind….



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