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November 5, 2005 at 11:06 pm | Posted in My Life | 14 Comments

For those who knew me since my childhood, they probably know most of the time I’m sitting infront of computer. In fact, I’ve been sitting infront computer for hours since I’m primary school, but to be precise, the time I get in touch with computer is when I’m in kindergadren.

My father bought an MS-DOS based computer back in the early 90’s, cost thousands that time as I recalls. Being a kid, of course I was hooked up with the games. The first few games I played are Prince of Persia, Tetris, Alley Cat, Pac-Man.

I still remember one day I went to Jusco, there was computer exhibition. I’m hooked on the game DOOM & Minesweeper. As a kid, I dunno how to share the game with others, so I played the game for hours over there untill my family drag me back home.

In year 98, when I was 9, we bought a Windows 98-based Pentium II. That time, it was a great machine. It has 64MB RAM & 3 GB Harddisk space(pathetic). The game I was playing was Age of Empires I. Heh, still remember I like to use the cheatcode ‘bigdaddy’.

The computer are loaded with lots of games, ’til 26th April 99, the date many computer-geeks will remember, the CIH virus’ attack. We had to reformat the computer, and starts everything from 0.

The reformatted computer run quite well, untill a night of June 2002. I was playing WWE Smackdown , and then suddently the computer just went off. I couldnt get into the Windows interface, stuck in the BIOS interface. Oh well, the computer was abandon and we decided to get a new computer after this Pentium II had serve us for 4 years.

August 2002, my father brought me and sis to the PC Fair to get a new computer. My sis was brilliant, she manage to get bargain a RM 3k computer ’til RM 2k with the additional of more goodies!!
The computer specs are Pentium 4 2GHz, 256 RAM, 60 GB Harddisk space(compare to the previous 3 GB), Nvdia GeForce 4 MX, CD-RW/DVD combo drive.
It was a great computer, and I named it Vikings, after the company we bought this com. I’ve been using this computer for about 4 years alrdy.

I’ve registered broadband Internet connection, Streamyx in year 2003, and computer reformatted in 2004.

April 2004, the power supply of the computer is dead. Later I upgraded my motherboard and power supply, cost around RM 350.

Right now I’m still stick with Vikings, though it’s getting out-dated.

It’s kinda odd you see, since I’m Std.6(12 yrs old), I average sit infront of com for 4 hours and above. Yet, I’m still dont need spectacles to repair my eyesight. My eyes are still good, not affected by the long-time I stare at the radiatious CRT monitor.

My wishlist for my future computer….

  • More than 3GHz processor
  • More than 1 GB RAM
  • More than 256 MB memory graphic card
  • More than 200 GB Harddisk space
  • At least 19′ LCD/plasma monitor
  • High-end multimedia speaker with sub-woofer.


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