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Recently I’ve been blogging on Friendster. Their blogging service had improved alot since I try it in May.

Symphonia of CLF

I’ve tried to make the blog title related to all the blogs I owned, so I go for the word “Symphony”.

That blog is dedicated to my friends, which is the main topic I’ll blog over there.

P/S: For some reason, I felt more comfortable blogging at Friendster during late nights, most of the blog post I’ve posted are written after 2am in the morning!!


Share Music: Has It

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羽泉 “Has It”

歌曲:Has It


has it?管世界多少诱惑
has it与众??
has it?管世界多么辽阔

lala~ lalalalala~

What happen in my holiday

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It’s about 1 month alrdy, since I had my school holiday. After that, I’m almost ‘lost contact’ with my classmates. But luckily, MSN Messenger keeps me in touch with friends. I’ve tried to be more ‘chative’ than before, as I’m willing to start chat with others instead of waiting others msg me.

Other than that, I’ve been more active in Friendster. I’m hooked to search for schoolmates, especially SYTs. 😛

During evenings, I play football with friends, though not all the time. It’s good to exercise abit, and to test my boots.

Well, the emotional event took part last week is still overshadows me, though it’s hard for me to accept that my aunt leaves us just like that. I understand that’s a relief for her, but when I think it nicely, why she couldnt enjoy life more and passed away without any sufferings? Sigh….
P/S: I’ve to admit, I gets a little emotional when managing photos of the funeral procession. What I see in the photos, is no longer exist, and that makes me very sad. 😦

But anyway, I’ve been trying to overcome that. I understand everyone has to go when the time has come, no one can stop it or espace from it.

I had a Geography assignment right now, though it’s still under planning. The research might take few days, and I also need to sort out datas and then present it.

After that, I’ll be going to Taiwan from 6th Dec untill 27th Dec. Kinda long huh? I scare I cant get use to the situation so fast. School starts at 3rd Jan….

Tomorrow will have a gathering held by Students Union, it’s good to meet with friends again, after all being with friends I’ll feel better than staying at home all the time. 😉

Something weird with my Google

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Take a look at this.

My homepage shows a weird picture instead of the Google logo.

I dunno what problem is this, but after restarting my Firefox it’s still like this. :S
Btw works just fine.

Share Music: 开往春天的地?

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羽泉 “开往春天的地?”

歌手:羽泉 专辑:开往春天的地?

曲 张亚东



P/S: My sis and I like this song last time, but it has be forgotten after so long time didnt listen to it. It’s nice to recall old songs back. 😉

My sisters’ blog

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CLY – “Great Expectations”
CLH – “A Bush of Daphne”

I just discovered them today when I check their MSN profiles. Haha, their language is better than me.

But the point I check their blog is to read their post regarding my aunt.
Their post are more details than mine.

CLH blogged.
CLY blogged.

This was a flower taken from my aunt’s house by my sis.

Now the flowers are no longer exist and the garden doesnt look as nice is it use to be when aunt is still around…

In the memories of my late aunt….

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I think I should blog something about her, for me as a rememberance and preserve this memories in somewhere more ‘private’ I guess.

Mdm. Cheng Soo Lan (钟素兰 女士)was my father’s eldest sister in the family. She is responsible to take care of lots of things at very young age.
My grandmother passed away when my father was 7, so my aunt take over my grandmother’s place to take care of my father and their brothers.

After my grandfather passed away 20 years ago, she’s the eldest in the family. Because of this, my aunt was well-respected by my father’s family.

Among myself and my sisters, my 2nd sis LH was the closest to my aunt. My parents were busy working that time, so my aunt help them to take care of my sis LH for some time in Penang(father was from Penang). She brought my sis go for shop almost everyday when my sis is still with her.

Actually 3 of us respected her very well. She also helped other ppl to take care of their child, a nanny.
I can remember 2 of them, Leng and Siang. Being a kid, I use to play with them.
I still remember Leng’s house was just beside my aunt’s house, I had to climb up a stairs to get into the house. Leng was 1 years elder than my sis LH if not mistaken.
Siang was a year younger than me, but he’s a bully and always make me cry(yea I admit it).
No matter how, we all love to be with my aunt because she’s just like another mother of us.

That was about 10 years ago when my aunt move to KL with her sons. They live in Selayang, not so far from where I live. We often visit her that time.
Because my aunt’s sons(consider my cousins, but waaaay elder than myself) wanted my aunt to enjoy life better, so they move to Rawang in a bigger banglow.

Although the new house at Rawang is far away from my house, but we still visit her sometimes but not so frequent.
Sadly, my aunt’s husband passed away 3 years ago. Since myself arent so close with him, so….. I didnt feel sad or any feeling that time. My aunt is just calm, this is what I can remember. I’ve forgotten because of what reason we didnt attend the funeral.

After my sisters left Malaysia to study in China, we seldom visit my aunt then. Anyhow, we still visit her place during Chinese New Year.

This year, my aunt went to hospital to do medical checkup. She discovered that she had cancer, which part I’m not very sure. My mother helped my aunt to arrange treatments and medications. She undergoes chemotherapy, and became very weak then.

Months ago, we’ve got the news that the cancer cell had spreaded to other body parts. One of her left finger was amputated because the cancer cell had destroy the finger structure, and also to prevent the cancer cell from spreading elsewhere.
In the mean time, my mother asked my sisters to message or call my aunt to keep in touch.

During my sisters’ summer holiday in July, they came back. We had a big family dinner together. That time, she’s still ok but doesnt look so good though.

During the last few months, aunt was having difficulty in breathing. We suspect that there’s some prob with her lung, although doctor couldnt check anything wrong.

Last week, she was discharged from hospital. The situation is getting worse…. the doctor predicted she couldnt make it so far….

I still visit her when she was in hospital, and she changed alot when she discharged back home, is like become another person. Sigh…. it’s so sad that she’d become so thin and no energy.
I cried at that night, knowing that her time left not much, and my sisters miss her so much.

Elder sis LY asked me print few photos, and a message for her, while LH sent a letter for her.

Last Sunday, 13th Nov, my aunt passed away peacefully at 10am. I only able to visit her at night because father’s working. Well….. it’s so sad that see her placed inside the coffin…
I planned to goto Melaka on Tuesday, but have to cancel it to attend aunt’s funeral.


For these past few days I kept visit her house. I’m heart-broken to see someone I respected gone forever. My mother says it’s a relief for her from her suffering.
That night, I hardly able to sleep. I think I only fall asleep at 4.15am, and then wake up at 6.10am.
Suprisingly, today I didnt feel tired.

Around 8.30am, there’s a music band plays the funeral march. Music really has the effect to alter one’s emotion, many visitors broke into tears when listening to the sad music, including myself.

I tried to control myself stop crying, but when think about my sisters’ reaction in China, I just felt sad and sorry for them. I went there to pay the last respect on behalf my sisters, so it’s like having ‘extra’ sadness to cope with the situation.

Aunt’s body were taken to Petaling Jaya Crematorium to be cremated. We follow the bus to the crematorium to pay the last respect.
You see, I’ve tried to control myself from crying but when think about my sisters, I just couldnt stop it.

The saddest part of the entire ceremony, was the time my aunt’s coffin are placed into the furnace, seperated from us forever and ever……..


Life & Death

November 14, 2005 at 2:00 am | Posted in Ideas & Thoughts | 10 Comments

Chinese said, a person must experience born, old, sick & die(生?病死).
This ‘formula’ actually applies to most people, but I must say, not everyone can apply on this rule.

You see, I do agree the first, born 生. If not your mother gave birth of you, you wont be living in this dynamic world. I talk crap, yea. Born is the start of a long journey of life, you start from zero to hero.
Uppon growing up, we learnt knowledge and know how to think, do things that benefits people.

The second, old ?. Somehow I disagree with this term. Not everyone can live untill ‘qualified’ as old/senior citizens. Maybe their life didnt make it that far, they couldnt survive untill oldership.
I talk crap again, sorry.

The third, sick 病. I’m neutral in this. I believe everyone in this world would get sick in your life time. Even if you’re a person who really take good care of your health, or take care of hygiene, I bet you still will get sick, not now but maybe in past, or in the future.
But, sickness doesnt always lead to the next stage, death. I roughly guess, 90% of the sickness we had in our entire life wont danger our life. So…. doesnt really shows that sickness are fatal.

The last stage, death 死. I strongly agree with this, as I agree the first term born. Chinese said, 有始有终, there’s a start, and there’s an end.
Whoever living in this world, he/she wont be able to escape from the death. Maybe, he/she could have the chance to expand their lifespand, who knows? But anyhow THEY will come for you when the time has come.
Death is actually a normal part of our life, I quote from someone I read before,

Death is another great adventure.

Different beliefs and religions might gave different answer for how the deceased will go on after that, refer to your master/tutor/guru for more info as I’m poor in such information.

This is just another piece of my mind….


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My paternal aunt, passed away today at 11am due to cancer.

Rest in Peace….


November 9, 2005 at 11:30 pm | Posted in Ideas & Thoughts, My Life | Leave a comment

Cry, is an expression to relief our sadness, dissapointment, or anger.

Personally, I hate to cry. Why? The reason can be funny. When I cry I tend to get a serious head-ache.

I used to be a cry-baby when I was in primary school. Almost everyday, I cry just to fight or argue with my sis. Childish, but that’s what I am at that age.

When I become more mature, I rarely cry. Even though I’ve attended two relative’s funeral, but I didnt cry. Maybe, is because I’m not so close with them.

The last time I cry, was the end of last year. I was attending a motivation-type course. One of the climax of the course is to make you realise the importance of parents. I cried, the motivator’s words are really heart-breaking. I try to stop but I just cant, my mind couldnt control my action.

Yeah… I tried to stop crying immediately, perhaps to act cool huh? But after crying, there’s marks on your face shows you’ve been crying. Red-eye, choking voice, running-nose….

Few days ago, I went to my relative’s house to visit my paternal aunt, who’re suffering from 3rd stage cancer. I’ve visited her few times when she was in hospital, she’s still ok at that time.

She’s very very weak and ill, hardly can speaks. Everyone was heart-broken when saw her in this situation. Having difficulty in breathing, hardly can move by herself.

Because there’s many other relatives(adults) around, so I make my move and read the book I bring along.

My sisters in China are very worried about her. My mother ask me not to tell them too much, dont want to disturb their studies. I still message them to report the latest situation. Both my siss are very close to my aunt.

After finishing my books, I pay visit to her room again. She’s pale, and softly ask me go home and rest. I went out from the room, and sit at the living room. I started to think how unfair to let her suffer like this, then started to cry.

She was the one whom helped my father and my uncle after my grandmother passed away when my father was just 7. My aunt was a very hardworking women.
She cares for anyone, and she’s generous.

As what I mentioned above, one of the funeral I attended recent years was my aunt’s husband’s funeral. Because I’m much closer to my aunt, so I have no feeling about the death of my uncle.

But now…. watching aunt suffer like this is really heart-breaking. It’s so sad, my sis are unlikely to attend her funeral…… but the clock’s ticking and the countdown almost hits zero…..

Pray hard, pray for her to get well, pray for her to stop suffering, pray for eternal peace….

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