My Passion on Football

October 17, 2005 at 10:05 pm | Posted in My Life | Leave a comment

The first time I really notice football, dated back in 1998, when international matches playing in France for World Cup 98. My interest of football starts from that moment.

Although that was 7 years ago, but I could remember some of the matches. Ronaldo from Brazil shines during the matches, but too bad he couldnt fit in to the final match. The match between Brazil & Netherlands(semi-final) was one of the most remarkable in my memory, though I hardly can remember much about the whole game. (I had to refer the article from Wikipedia lol)

After that, I nudge my father get me a football, eventually my father get me a Reebok ball, for about RM 40? That time I’m still a small kid, I couldnt play nicely with the ball ‘coz I’m too small to control the ball. Then I join local Malays to play with them every evening. Because of that, I somehow learnt my basics for football.

EURO 2000 doesnt made any impact on me. I only notice it during the preview of EURO 2004 last year. Meh, 2 years passed so fast.

Because my school doesnt have a proper field for football, plus I seldom play with local Malays, I seems to be rule out from football then.

Year 2002, football fever is back. This time, I’m lucky to be with a bunch of football fans in school. I was attracted to lots of football gears this time.

Firstly, what I notice is this, Adidas Fevernova, the official WC 02 matchball.

Second, is Beckham’s boots, Adidas Predator Mania Lunar.

Third, is the boots worn by most of Nike players, Nike Air Zoom Total II.

After the WC ends, I’ve become a football fanatic. I’ve been following Man Utd in EPL matches for the 02/03 season ’til now. That time I dont have Astro, so I can only watch highlights of the matches. It’s good enough for me alrdy.

After then, I’ve been following the latest news of football gears online, especiall the balls and the boots. Sometimes, I’m fond of the new football gears than the match results.

Near the end of 2003, Adidas & Nike both launched their new football gears. I’m excited to check these gears out.

Adidas’ Roteiro & Predator Pulse.

Nike’s Air Zoom Total 90 series.

These gears are still available, though it will be replaced next year, in conjunction of the WC 06 at Germany.

For now, I’m happy to have this boot, Adidas Predator Pulsado TRX SG.

Tomorrow I’m having school football competition, hope this boots will bring me luck and hope! 😉


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