Running business in China isnt as easy as what they think…

October 2, 2005 at 10:18 pm | Posted in Ideas & Thoughts, My Life | Leave a comment

Today I had dinner with father’s friend, whom just came back M’sia for a break during China’s national holiday. As usual, he shares his stories in China with us on the table. I dare you, those stories can make people pops out ‘WTF?!?!’ by listening the stories.

For those businessman-wannabe, China can be a land of wealth, and it can also be a lair of liars. They’ll do whatever-out-of-mind tricks, just to cheat your money!!
You see, because China is growing rapidly, their economy is flying sky-high years after years, so money has become a very very important thing which cost alot more than human lifes!!

Nowdays in China, you must stick to a rule: NO MONEY, NO TALK!!
You see, in Malaysia and other countries worldwide, who’ll need to pay just for entering temple and lit a joshstick? In China… you’ll have to pay for entering temples, just like entrance ticket concept. Not all “monks” are monks, they can be pretender or a “job” just to take money from others and then put it in own pocket.

Cheaters are everywhere, even you try to avoid them, they’ll come and get you by themselves. Some liars uses the name of religion(especially religious reign) to cheat money from people. If you compare those liars to local restaurant ‘monk-beggers’, our local liars is just nothing compare to China’s ‘professional’ cheaters.

Even 10 years of friendship cant gurantee you’re safe to do business with someone. There’s cases I’ve heard that they’re cheated by those China folks eventhough they knew each others for many years…. hard to imagine!! There’s reason why I dont really like China as what my sisters did, and the facts above are one of them.

China is growing rapidly on the positive side, at the same time negative side is growing too, making China is more complex and complicated. You cant easily believe anyone who’re boastful with their proposals and presentations. Chinamen can be very good in business, but they’re also very good in getting easy-money thru the holes of law. Althougth China has lots of strict laws, but still it’s not enough to fight it’s corruption & other negative facts. A judge has judged someone pay a certain ammount for another person, but that guy can just ignore the judgement and not paying back the ammount of money. Hey!! What’s the use of law and justice here? 1000% CRAP!!

There’s still lots of stories bout how “good” Chinamen is, but then I must disclaim that I’m not anti-Chinamen, I jsut telling the truth as what I heard from my father’s friend. You see, myself has the blood of Chinamen too, so if I’m talking bad bout them, I as well is talking bad about myself and my family too. But things are different in different region even you’re the same race.

I must say Chinese outside China main land is way better and smarter than those Chinamen, really… There’s too many people in China main land, some of them are extremely good & kind, but some of them are just junks who leech the society to get money they dont deserve to have!!


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