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6M Year 2001

It was years ago when we took this photo. Now I still miss the days of primary school… It was nostalgia, when I think of what we all have done together, the days of joy, no worries and no limits.

After our final year in the same school, many of us left apart from each others. Althougth majority of the classmates is heading for the same direction as I do, but I’ve lost contact with many of them even I study under the same roof with some of them.

It feels good to get contact with old friends again, but we’re just like strangers because we didnt met each other for such a long time.
Some of them didnt show up during our primary school gathering, so that make things even worse.

Few year ago, sometimes I will still ring a call to one of my buddies to chat with’em, but that was long time ago. Now I rather talk to’em thru MSN, but getting their MSN contacts arent as easy as what I think.
Other than meeting them online, sometimes I will still bump into them outside, like on the bus, or shopping malls.

Friday, when I was waiting for bus, I saw one of my old classmates whom just sitting beside the window. Althought we couldnt talk as the bus’ moving, but we return smiles to each other. Somehow I feel good about it.

Friday night, I online as usual, someone added me into their list.That was my old mate who move to Damansara last year. Althought I seldom meet him this year, still we’re doing well with each others.

Yesterday(Saturday), I’m waiting for bus at the bus stop. Notice a familiar face, but couldnt remember who’s she. A badge covered her name tag, so I’m not very sure is that my old classmate(most ppl change alot after years isnt it? So it’s getting difficult to confirm). We went onboard the same bus. She went down before I do, and she smiles and say hi to me. πŸ™‚

After all these cases, I really started to miss many of’em after long time we didnt contact each others. Some friends are planning for next gathering party, well I surely will help them with it.

Many from the photos change alot, especially girls become prettier, boys become handsome. πŸ˜›

I’m proud of their achivement at other schools, many from the same class did well in other schools, but some had turn into the dark side…..



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  1. Yeah… sweet memory
    long time no chat, CLF πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Qing, long time no chat too!! Recently I’m lazy to run Google Talk so…..

  3. Oww. I definitely turned into the “Dark Side” ^^ I wonder what my friends think of me … hehe!

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